【3423】I can't hold a candle to her.:私なんて彼女の足元にも及ばない

【フレーズ】 I can't hold a candle to her.




can't hold a candle to は「ロウソクを持つことができない」が直訳です。


1. 料理の腕前

A. Everything is delicious. You're a great cook.

B. Thanks. But your mom is the expert. I can't hold a candle to her.

A. She's been cooking for 50 years.

2. 小説の映画化

A. What did you think of the movie? <映画、どう思った?>

B. It was okay, but I think I still like the book more.

A. Me, too. The movie version can't hold a candle to the book.




Johnson の 英語でニッポン案内

from Johnson


Run out of steam (To be completely out of energy)

日本一の山「富士山」。 毎年多くの登山客を迎える富士山が世界文化遺産に登録されたのはみなさんご存知だと思いますが、まだ登ったことない!という方もたくさんいらっしゃるのではないでしょうか。でも遊び半分で挑戦してはダメですよ〜。

Tough it out

A: How much longer till we get to the top?
B: Maybe one or two more hours.
A: It’ll take that long?! I’m already running out of steam...
B: Shall we take a break?
A: If we do that, then it’ll take us even longer.
B: Well then, drink some more water and tough it out.
A: I can see a sign up ahead. That means we’re almost there.
B: Alright! It says…
AB: 6th station!? We still have 1000 meters to go!

A: 頂上に着くまであとどのぐらい?
B: あと1、2時間かな。
A: そんなにかかるの?!もう気力がなくなってきてるよ。
B: 休憩しようか?
A: でも、休憩したらもっと時間がかかるよね。
B: じゃあ、水を飲んで我慢して。
A: 向こうに看板が見える!もうすぐ着くってことだね。
B: よっしゃ!看板には...
AB: まだ6合目!?あと千メートルもあるよ!


Run out of steam 気力がなくなる

今回の場合、蒸気は自分のエネルギーの事です。とても疲れてエネルギーがない時に、「I ran out of steam.」を気力がなくなったという意味で使えます。

Johnson のひとこと!

Many foreigners come to Japan to climb Mt. Fuji. I climbed it my second year I was here. My friend and I started climbing midday and spent the night in a hut. The next day we woke up early and hiked to the top in the dark. Then we watched the sunrise from the top of the mountain. There were a lot more people that I expected on the trails but it was an amazing experience that I will never forget.


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Johnson Reid

Johnson Reid



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